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Elder Care Advocacy Services

Assisting Seniors and their Loved Ones

Barbara Morris, MS NCG CMC

Since 2010, Barbara has been appointed by Orphan’s Court as a guardian of the person and estate in Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Adams, Delaware, and Lehigh Counties. She is experienced in difficult guardianship cases, including emergency guardianship matters requiring quick and efficient action to ensure that proper medical care is provided or to protect an individual from financial predators. As a guardian, she works to keep family members informed regarding the well-being of their loved one. 

She is certified by the National Academy of Certified Care Managers as a Care Manager, and as a National Certified Guardian by the Center for Guardianship Certification. She is a member of the National Guardianship Association and the Aging Life Care Association.


Individuals may need a guardian when they are no longer able to make sound decisions about their personal or financial affairs due to factors such as cognitive decline, physical disability, or mental illness. A guardian can help navigate complex legal and financial matters, advocate for the protected person's rights, and ensure that their wishes are respected.

Care Management

Individuals with disabilities may need a guardian to ensure they have someone legally authorized to make decisions on their behalf when they are unable to do so independently due to their disability, ensuring their well-being and protection.​ Guardianship serves as a protective measure for individuals with disabilities, offering oversight and assistance in navigating complex legal and financial matters

Power of Attorney

If the responsibilities under the PoA involve complex legal or financial decisions, the support and guidance of a guardian can be invaluable in ensuring that the decisions made are appropriate and in the best interests of the individual. In times of conflict amongst family members, a guardian can serve as a neutral third party, helping to mediate disputes and ensure that the individual's wishes are respected.

Services Offered

When one of my patients has a court-appointed guardian, I feel relieved when I hear it’s Barbara. I’ve worked with Barbara for many years and she is by far the most responsible and kindest guardian. She treats all of her wards as if she is caring for her own family. She is always available and responsive.

Angela G., MS

I can’t say enough nice things about the services provided by Barbara Morris and Elder Care! Barbara is caring and very professional. I have had nothing but positive interactions and have had her work with my family for several years.

I can highly recommend and am a very satisfied as a client.  

Harriet S.

Barb has been instrumental in taking my brother from being completely non-verbal and withdrawn to being more verbal by not giving up on him, gaining his trust.... ensuring his basic needs are met. Barb is professional and a skilled guardian who is passionate about the care she provides. I would recommend Barb to anyone who needs guardian services.

Stephanie D.


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