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Barbara has dedicated her career to serving seniors and individuals with special needs since 1995. With a Master’s Degree in Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Social Services, she brings a wealth of academic knowledge to her practice. Her commitment to professional development is evident through her certifications as a Care Manager by the National Academy of Certified Care Managers and as a National Certified Guardian by the Center for Guardianship Certification. Barbara is actively engaged in her field as a member of prestigious organizations such as the National Guardianship Association and the Aging Life Care Association.

Barb in court

Professional Background

Since 2010 Barbara has received appointments as emergency and plenary guardian for the person and estate in over 200 cases including Bucks, Montgomery, Lehigh, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Adams Counties. She has experience working on behalf of incapacitated persons
in a variety of circumstances and settings, including home, community, and residential based programs. She also has served as an agent and a care manager in assisting families by providing oversight and care for elderly and disabled adults.


In this role, she navigates complex guardianship cases, demonstrating expertise in handling emergency situations that demand swift and decisive action to ensure the well-being of her wards. Barbara maintains transparent communication with family members, keeping them informed about the care and financial management of their loved ones under her guardianship. Her extensive network encompasses various residential facilities and home services tailored to the needs of seniors and veterans within the community.

Guardianship Appointment
Qualifications and Expertise

Barbara's qualifications extend beyond her academic achievements and guardianship appointments. Her proficiency spans a diverse spectrum of areas crucial to her practice:

  • Master of Science Degree in Counseling - With her academic background, Barbara brings a deep understanding of psychological principles and therapeutic techniques, enabling her to provide holistic support to her clients.

  • National Certified Guardian - Barbara’s certification as a National Certified Guardian underscores her competency and commitment to ethical standards in guardianship practices.

  • Care Management Certified - Her certification as a Care Manager attests to her ability to coordinate and oversee comprehensive care plans tailored to the unique needs of her clients.

  • Knowledgeable of Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Elder Law Professionals - Barbara's familiarity with various care facilities and legal professionals specializing in elder law ensures that she can provide informed guidance and advocacy for her clients.

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