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Guardianship is a legal process utilized when an individual is so impaired that he or she can no longer make or communicate appropriate decisions about his or her personal care or financial resources. Individuals benefitting from the appointment of a guardian have medical conditions and/or cognitive disabilities that limit their ability to evaluate information and to make and communicate appropriate decisions.


It is quite common for a person that is the subject of a guardianship proceeding to not understand why the action is being taken. In many situations, individuals for whom a guardian is appointed have a diagnosis of dementia, a developmental disability or a brain injury. A guardian of the person makes decisions about health care and living arrangements working to provide for the safety, well-being, dignity, and health of the ward in the least restrictive environment possible. A guardian of the estate is responsible for the protection of assets and income of the ward; selecting the best methods of investment to preserve the assets; paying bills and providing the ward with an optimum level of care and comfort. The Orphan’s Court Division of the Court of Common Pleas provides oversight regarding the actions of a guardian. A guardian is required to file annual reports regarding a ward’s personal care and financial affairs.

Barbara is experienced in serving as guardian of the person and estate for incapacitated individuals. Barbara has served in over 175 guardianship cases and assisted other guardians in over 25 cases. She offers experience and knowledge in applying for entitlement programs and benefits, including Medical Assistance and Veteran's Benefits. She will assist to create individualize services for the incapacitated person.

Barbara has an extensive network of elder law and special needs attorneys and has in depth knowledge of Medicaid applications and special needs trusts.

Agent under POA

Barbara serves as an agent under Power of Attorney. Sometimes people have no trusted family member or friend available to serve as their POA. Barbara has assisted many people in managing their finances and navigating health care decision making and can provide care management services when needed.

Care Management

Barbara is a certified care manager, with over ten years of experience in managing care for individuals. She assists people in coordinating services for themselves or a loved one. As a care manager, she will make visits and assist in obtaining or maintaining necessary services. Barbara can accompany a person to a doctor appointment and help ensure that health information and treatment options are clearly communicated to the patient and/or the individual responsible for making health care decisions.


Seniors or persons with special needs who want to remain independent and live in the comfort of their homes have utilized Barbara’s care management services. Barbara can also monitor care for family members who live at a distance but want to ensure that their loved one is receiving proper care.

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